The truth about online 
agent reviews and sales data

The first thing that most of us do nowadays when searching for anything is to go online.  When searching for a professional, we usually checkout different sources and reviews to ensure that they’ll meet our needs.

The challenge when looking at agent reviews is to determine what’s “real” and what’s simply subjective.  For example, one client might think that an agent is “too pushy” while another might love their aggressiveness.  Further, since most agents create and update their own online profiles, the information that’s posted might not always be up-to-date or current.

Before starting your online search, it’s important to identify what’s important to you first and to do as much “in-person” research as possible.  Online reviews can be a great supplement and confirmation of your decision, but they should never be the only source of information for selecting an agent.  And, when you do check online reviews, be sure to look at multiple sources.  Different online sites can often focus on different characteristics, and you’ll need to check several of them to get all of your questions answered. uses 12 different algorithms to determine the best 3 agents who will fit your needs.  In addition to tracking responsiveness, sales and client performance, we also speak and work with our agents on a regular basis.  If they’re not providing the best possible client experience, we won’t connect them with clients.

Remember, buying or selling a home can be an emotional experience.  Using online reviews can be helpful, but they should always be taken with a “grain of salt.”

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