How to tell who’s really the 
best real estate agent in your neighborhood


If you’re ready to sell your home — or you want to buy in a specific area, it’s important to find an agent who understands the the unique aspects of your neighborhood.  Doing some research in advance can ensure that you find the best to fit your needs:

  1. Ask Around:  Ask neighbors or friends and family members in the area if they can recommend someone.
  2. Drive Around: Drive the neighborhood and see what properties are listed — and by whom.
  3. Check online:  Check out the various online services to see who has listings in your area.  Be sure to read their client testimonials
  4. Use an agent-finder service: specializes in finding you the 3 best agents who fit your needs.  We’ll select top-performing agents in your specific area, property type or price — so you can feel secure that your agent will be expert in your chosen area.
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